Measuring ROI and Making the Business Case for Real-Time Visibility

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Real-time shipment tracking technology has emerged as a solution to the challenges facing the rapidly growing logistics industry, including the need for greater efficiency, visibility, and reliability in the supply chain. But often, many stakeholders need to weigh in on the implementation of any addition to the company’s tech stack—so it’s critical for everyone in the organization to fully understand and communicate the benefits and ROI potential.

Since ROI has different definitions for different decision-makers, Tive and Freightwaves gathered three industry experts to discuss the importance of calculating and defining ROI and making a strong business case for implementing real-time shipment tracking technology.

Krenar Komoni - Founder & CEO, Tive
Adam Robinson - CEO, The Robinson Agency
Syed Aman - Co-founder & CEO, Hwy Haul

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Attendees gained insights on:

  • The benefits of real-time shipment tracking technology, including improved efficiency, reduced costs, and better customer satisfaction.
  • The factors that can impact ROI, and best practices for making a business case to decision-makers.
  • Which elements of real-time visibility ROI are most important to different functions at a company
  • Real-world examples of how companies have successfully implemented real-time tracking technology and achieved significant ROI.